Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mighty Jaxx Pinocchio by Juce Gace

A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace

"Once upon a time, there lived a naughty, concupiscent puppet whose only dream was to be a human in real life. Being the mischievous marionette he was, he knew that the only way to have his wish granted was to do good deeds. "I want to be a real boy", he muttered with his hands clasped tight as he went to bed every night. Then came one fine morning... In his snug nightcap and colorful pyjamas, he climbed out of bed and slipped into his fluffy slippers. As he was doing his usual morning stretch in front of the bedroom mirror, he suddenly felt a weird bulge growing between his legs. To his WOOD surprise, he realised that his biggest fantasy was finally coming true. He grinned to himself and lived happily ever after, as a human boy. 10" (25cm) Vinyl Art Collectible Limited Edition of 200" SOLD OUT!

"Julien Gallet is a french graphic designer who learned only by passion - he's apprentice screenwriter, Juce Gace is a Paris based creative that touches everything : street art, video and especially pins! Inspired by the themes of childhood and pop culture, he always tries to go further in the appropriation of the icons and characters of his childhood. His goal: to make fun with art!"

Product Ships in 2nd Quarter 2018