Sunday, March 23, 2008

Limoges Pinoc with Books

Acquired in auction, March 2008. 133/500.

Syrocco Plaque

WDCC Gift of Life is Thine

WDCC Pinocchio and Blue Fairy figurine entitled "The Gift of Life Is Thine". This piece comes to you mint in its original box with COA. It was only available to members of the Walt Disney Collectors Society and is part of the Of Dreams and Magic series.

Featuring Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy. Sold as a set. The Blue Fairy measures 8 3/8 inches tall & Pinocchio measures 6 7/8 inches tall. This piece was introduced in 2005. This sculpture set is the fourth release in the Members Only "Of Dreams & Magic" series. Retired: Edition Closed 3/07. Includes the original box and a certificate of authenticity.

Acquired in auction, March 2008. $181.12

Porcelain Toupee Removal

Acquired March 2008 in auction.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Got it March 31, 2008 in Auction.

This was a DisneyStore Exclusive, apparently.

This is the Disney Geppetto's Workshop Snowglobe. It features Pinocchio dancing inside the globe. He's dancing to Geppetto's accordian. Pinocchio's pals are also joining in the fun. It plays the tune "I've Got No Strings". This globe measures approximately 7 1/2 in. height x 8 in. width. Please note the shipping costs for this item because of its size and weight (shipping costs are not negotiable). Please use the shipping calculator below for domestic and international rates. This item is brand new and has never been removed from the box.

Stromboli's Wagon SnowGlobe

Discovered this on a site called Neverland today. Had never seen it before...

The fairy and the lantern light up apparently...

Pinocchio Blue Fairy Snowglobe
This snow globe depicts the scene from the movie when Pinocchio has been locked in the bird cage by Stromboli. The illuminated Blue Fairy is talking to Pinocchio and he's telling stories, all of a sudden his nose grows longer and longer and longer ... until a birds nest full of birds is perched on the end.
Jiminy Cricket is sitting on the edge of Stromboli's cart with many of the puppets. The lantern on cart illuminates too. Stromboli is siting on the front of the cart.
Plays the Tune: "I've Got No Strings"
Size: H x L (inch): 7" x 7"

Daring Journey Diorama Pin

Got mine for $9.99 and free shipping on eBay today.

Blue Fairy Snowglobe

Pinoc with Blue Fairy Snowglobe on Disney Shopping.

Honest John

Just discovered that I'm missing this character in my Syrocco collection. I have the other six and just discovered that there was also an Honest John (Fox) character...

Apparently they made a Pen Holder, too?? Who knew? Supposedly the penholders are larger than the others in the set...

But the one I need to complete the set is the second one one pictured (NOT the pen holder).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Worth1000 Includes Pinoc

Check out Worth1000 for fun photo shopped images.

This one stars Pinoc in their Six Degrees of Puppets gallery.

Pinocchio, the capo of the Puppetland Crime Syndicate, submits to a lie detector test. Gepetto, who turned state's evidence 2 years ago, administers the test. Said Gepetto - "I'm holding the strings now, my friend!"

Artist is JerryOStone

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Puppetworks Pinocchio

Puppetworks' announces a Spring 2008 revival of their marionette production of Pinocchio.

"This is the finest marionette production of Pinocchio in the world" Nicolas Coppola's greatest masterpiece!"