Monday, December 31, 2007

A Blog of Note

I don't think I ever mentioned this site...

It's been featured on Blogs of Note for a while...

Animation Backgrounds blog has a couple Pinocchio items:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alessi Statuette WishList

Alessi AMJ01 R Statuette Pinocchio by Marcello Jori Product Description
Alessi AMJ01 R Having obtained his degree from DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies, Bologna) in 1977, Jori embarked on his career as an artist, soon exhibiting in national and foreign galleries and museums. In 1979, Jori painted himself on top of a ladder painting the fall of the angel, in contact with the heavens which marked a turning point in his artistic career. This painting displays a new expressive energy that was featured in his works over the entire following decade. The goal of the figurine series is to contrast the intriguing world of porcelain figures, particularly the refined production tradition of European manufacturers from the 18th century, with Alessi's contemporary methods and design aesthetics. Excellent for your home or your office desk, this figurine by Marcello Jori is sure to impress. Designed by: Marcello Jori, 2006 Features: -Great decoration for the home or office -Figurine made of porcelain -Overall Dimensions: 5.25" H X 2.5" W X 1.8" D. $29 plus shipping , see Amazon.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pinoc as Donkey NLE

I just received #901 from the lot of 1500. A beautiful piece. Donkey poses of the little guy are rare.

Pinocchio- Rarely portrayed moment of Pinocchio as a Donkey Boy from the Pleasure Island sequence of the animated masterpiece, Pinocchio. A Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,500
4th Quarter, 2007 Release

Ordered from Terry at Bronze Lady
Walt Disney Art Classics
Gold Circle Dealer
Among the finest Disney Collectibles on the Market

Jim Shore Figaro

I added this to my collection today. From Terry of Bronze Lady.

Another from the Heartwood Creek, Jim Shore collection.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jim Shore Blue Fairy

From what I gather, this piece will be released in March '08. I think it will be $65... Which means, I guess it's a large piece??

I'll need it for my collection!

Will have to contact Terry at Bronze Lady about this...

Note: Got it March 2008. $65.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glicee: A Boy To Be

A Boy To Be Pinocchio Disney Fine Art Giclee by Dick Duerrstein


A Boy To Be

Medium: Giclee on Canvas - Hand embellished
Dimensions (Height X Width): 24 x 18
Edition Size: 195
Artist: Dick Duerrstein
Giclee is Gallery wrapped ready to be hung in your home.

Image not to scale.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Shipping: This item will be delivered in two weeks.
PRICE: $450.00
Enter Promo Code:

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Pleasure Island Pinocchio Disney Fine Art Giclee By Tricia Buchanan-Bensen

Available from Disney Shopping and Sanders Art Studio.

Glicee I'm A Boy

I'm a Boy! Pinocchio Disney Fine Art Giclee by Jim Salvati


I'm a Boy!

Medium: Giclee on Canvas - Hand Embellished
Dimensions (Height X Width): 16 x 20
Edition Size: 195
Artist: Jim Salvati
Giclee is Gallery wrapped ready to be hung in your home.

Image not to scale.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Shipping: This item will be delivered in two weeks.
PRICE: $450.00
Enter Promo Code:
Medium: Giclee on Canvas - Hand Embellished
Dimensions (Height X Width): 16 x 20
Edition Size: 195
Artist: Jim Salvati
Giclee is Gallery wrapped ready to be hung in your home.

Image not to scale.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Shipping: This item will be delivered in two weeks.

Available from Disney Shopping and Sanders Art Studio

PRICE: $450.00
Enter Promo Code:

Jim Shore Walking Pose

This one was on my wish list. Got mine from Bronze lady in March 2008. $15.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Need to Update this Blog!

Saw a blog listed on Blogs of Note that was for a Soviet poster a day.

That might be a good resolution to keep up with cataloguing my world-class collection of Pinocchio memorabilia and collectibles on here.


I'll have to give that some thought.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Toilet Bowl Brush

I added this Pinocchio Toilet Bowl Brush to the collection about a year ago. It was a gift from Lisa...

"Add a whimsical touch to your bathroom with our Pinocchio Toilet Brush. Any kid - young or old - will get a kick out of adding a little fun to a normally mundane object. Measures 18" tall x 6.5" in diameter. Designed by Raffaele Iannello

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tape Measure

This was a gift from Tim, Kate and Eloise from the MoMA gift shop.

Pinocchio tape measure

Real handy boy. This reformed puppet provides only accurate answers. Pull his nose to measure up to 60 inches. Sized for taking to the furniture or hardware store, even when his nose is growing he'll always tell the truth.

• Pull pinocchio's nose to measure
• Measures inches and centimeters
• Plastic case with fiberglass tape

List price was $5.95, Package is marked: "Made by Humans Made in China". Item # STN-078

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arts & Crafts Table Lamp

Pinocchio Arts & Crafts Table Lamp

List: $229.00 (Item #96272P)

Pinocchio certainly nose a beautiful lamp when he's on one. Designed by Disney artist Jody Daily as part of a collection that pays tribute to the Arts and Crafts style. The panel art has a storybook feel and is based on the work of Disney artist Gustav Tenngren, who worked on the 1940 ''Pinocchio'' film. Panels feature die-cut metal artwork sandwiched beneath layers of glass. On/off pull chain features Jiminy Cricket figure. 17'' H x 14'' W x 14'' L. Two maximum 40 watt bulbs, not included. Cord 72'' L. Wood, metal, glass. Imported. Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition of 750.

Ocean Floor Snowglobe Set

Pinocchio on the Ocean Floor Snowglobe with Limited-Edition Pin & Artist's Notes

List: $99.95 (Item #96287P)

Pinocchio's search for his father under the ocean is captured in our colorful snowglobe. Arrives with notes from the artist and a limited-edition enamel cloisonné pin. 10 1/8'' H x 10 1/8'' W x 9'' D. Hand painted, sculpted resin and glass. Imported. Pin Limited Edition of 500.

Snowbabies Trinket Box

Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Snowbabies Trinket Box

List: $27.50 (Item #96550P)

From the Walt Disney Showcase Collection by Department 56. 3 1/4'' W. x 1 3/4'' D. x 4 1/2'' H. Bisque Porcelain. Imported.

Snowbabies Set of Two

Pinocchio & Gepetto Snowbabies Set of 2 Figurines

List: $95.00 (Item #96549P)

Snowbabies love to entertain friends - old and new - with sleigh rides, ice skating, story time and much more. Snowbabies make everyone feel right at home in their magical world. Even the Disney characters come to visit Frosty Frolic Land, including the cast of Walt Disney's ''Pinocchio.'' ''Dance and Be Happy'' is a set of 2 jubilant figurines that make a joyful mantelpiece. The first features Pinocchio and Figaro dancing with a merry Snowbaby, the second shows Gepetto playing accordian for Jiminy Cricket, Cleo and rather coy Snowbaby. From the ''Walt Disney Showcase Collection'' by Department 56. Pinocchio Piece: 4 1/2'' H. x 3 1/2'' D. x 7 3/4'' W., Gepetto Piece: 6 3/4'' H. x 3 1/4'' D.x 5'' W. Bisque Porcelain. Imported. Limited to production year 2006.

Jim Dine Book

Collodi, Carlo (text) and JIM DINE (illustrations) / Dine, Jim / Murray, M. A. (translation)

Collodi, Carlo (text) and JIM DINE (illustrations). Pinocchio. Translation by M. A. Murray; 176 pp., illustrated throughout in color and b&w. 4to, cloth. Gottingen, Steidl Verlag, 2006.

Pinocchio has long been a significant motif in Jim Dine's work: this book is his illustrated version of Collodi's original, dark story. Exploring the hard realities of life far from the traditional world of fairy tales, the allegory, satire and black humor of Pinocchio are brought to life in Dine's graphic drawings.
Item nr. 120966 $ 50.00

The original art works for this book are featured in an exhibition at the New York Public Library, as part of their Spencer Collection.

Their press release follows:

Contemporary Artist Jim Dine's Prints Featuring Pinocchio on Display at The New York Public Library

Jim Dine's Pinocchio on View from December 6, 2006 Through February 18, 2007

A promised gift of 39 hand-colored lithographs by the artist Jim Dine is being celebrated with an exhibition at The New York Public Library beginning December 6, 2006. A dynamic presence in the art world for more than four decades, Dine has devoted the last three years to a personal interpretation of a story that has engaged and intrigued him for much of his life, Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. In these 39 prints, reproduced in a new edition of Pinocchio published by Steidl, Dine has made his own the tale of the temptations, trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumph of this mischievous but endearing wooden boy. This exhibition celebrates Dine's promised gift of these lithographs to the Library's Spencer Collection. Jim Dine's Pinocchio is on view in the North Gallery on the third floor of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library located at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. Admission is free.

A painter, printmaker, sculptor, photographer, performance artist and poet, Dine writes about his fascination with Pinocchio in the introduction to the Steidl edition: "Thanks to Carlo Collodi, the real creator of Pinocchio, I have for many years been able to live through the wooden boy. His ability to hold the metaphor in limitless ways has made my drawings, paintings and sculpture of him richer by far. His poor burned feet, his misguided judgment, his vanity about his large nose, his temporary donkey ears all add up to the real sum of his parts. In the end, it is his great heart that holds me. I have carried him on my back like a landscape since I was six years old. Sixty-four years is a long time to get to know someone, yet his depth and secrets are endless. This book is for the Boy." Dine perceives that "this idea of a talking stick becoming a boy, it's like a metaphor for art, and it's the ultimate alchemical transformation." His Geppetto is a self-portrait, alluding to the artist as creator, who in giving life has a connection with the Divine.

Words and phrases, objects in themselves, have been an ongoing subject in Dine's art; here those words and phrases are Collodi's. Initially issued as a serial, Pinocchio was first published in book form in 1883 as Le avventure di Pinocchio [The Adventures of Pinocchio]. Each chapter is preceded by a synopsis, and Dine quotes in his book from those individual introductions, the words woven together with his images, which include such personal icons as a gnarled, ancient tree, a crow and an owl, and a self-portrait, all given fresh meaning in a new context. The cat and the ape, favorite subjects of Dine's in recent years, inspired by a 19th-century porcelain figurine, have been transformed into the malevolent cat and fox, who dupe the naughty but naive Pinocchio. This promised gift is the most recent in a series of gifts to the Spencer Collection from Jim Dine, documenting his extraordinary career as an artist of the book. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, Jim Dine, translated by M.A. Murray (Göttingen: Steidl, 2006), is available for purchase in the Library Shop or at

About The Spencer Collection

The Spencer Collection of Illustrated Books, Manuscripts, and Fine Bindings was established by the bequest of the American expatriate collector William Augustus Spencer, who died aboard the Titanic in 1912. Along with his personal collection of 232 primarily French nineteenth-century illustrated and sumptuously bound books, the gift included a generous endowment fund and a directive to acquire the finest illustrated books and manuscripts produced in any country, language, or period. Today the Spencer Collection comprises more than 10,000 objects and surveys the illustrated word and beautiful bindings from medieval manuscripts, Japanese scrolls, Islamic manuscripts, and Indian miniatures to contemporary livres d'artistes.