Saturday, September 02, 2006

Starlite Original

Starlite original sculptures begin from an original made of plastiline, the result of an artist's sculpting and resculpting soft clay. From these originals, first-generation models are created. Each sculpture is sectioned into a myriad of component parts and placed into molds for the creation of individual cavities. Starlite's sculptures are made from one or any combination of different materials. Such materials can be cateforized by bronze, pewter, Lucite, acrylic, porcelain, resin and wood.

Newly released, comes item # 8496, "Pinocchio". This beautiful diamond-like gem is a tribute to the popular Disney movie of the past, Pinocchio.

Limited to 1250 pieces, this is # 116/1250. It measures 5" long and will arrive in mint condition, brand new, in box with certificate of authenticity included.

Retail value is 170.00.